The 104% FREE 28 Days of RhinocerMASS program is unlike every workout routine you’ve tried before.
During 28 Days of RhinocerMASS you’re going to experience:
  • Short, intense training sessions that will lead to more muscle growth, strength personal bests, and shirt sleeves that struggle to contain your arms (you’ll be in and out of the gym in 60 minutes or less).
  • The surge of strength and size that occurs when you give your body more rest (surprisingly, resting more and training less will allow you to make more progress and build more muscle than if you were to train five, six, or seven days per week).
  • A unique training style which will help you develop the ever elusive mind-muscle connection — which is THE difference-maker when it comes to building a Rhino-Jacked physique… or not.
  • The muscle building “halo” that appears over your physique when you combine heavy weights, next-level intensity, and muscle-building exercises into the same program.
  • Simply absurd skin-splitting pumps (or “muscle boners”, if you prefer) that will keep you coming back for more.
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